Melbourne Wildcard Speakers!

For a while now, we’ve had a speaker’s spot at the end of the day listed as “Wildcard”.

This is because we had one speaker who’s attendance we were not certain of. Due to ambiguity and timing issues around how this spot would be filled, we decided to defer the announcement until we were certain about who would be speaking.

We’ve now confirmed that the spot will be filled by Magdalena Cassel & Aaron Edwards. Their talk will be “Functional Eyes” - a look into the applications of functional-programming principles in non-fp contexts.

Magdalena and Aaron

Magdalena and Aaron both spent a year working in Clojure before moving on to other projects in a variety of Object-Oriented languages. By applying the principles of functional programming in these other contexts, they were able to write cleaner, more efficient, more testable code. They will discuss the ways in which their experience in FP has informed their design choices in other paradigms.

Have a look at the day-one program to find out where they lie in the day’s line-up!