Melbourne 2016 Workshops!

The second day of Compose :: Melbourne will feature workshops on typed-functional-programming and theory topics.

The Compose :: Melbourne committee will be running an “Introduction-To-Haskell” workshop for beginners who are interested in diving into the Haskell language. As well as the Haskell workshop, Luke Stephenson will be running a workshop on working with free-monads in conjunction with free-applicatives. In the afternoon Rob Howard will be running a introductory Purescript workshop and Sean Seefried will be running an Adroid games-programming in Haskell session… There will be even more free workshops throughout the day that are not currently listed! Keep your eyes open!

Although the second day is a largely-unstructured event, if you wish to run a workshop then please get in touch with the committee to let them know so that they can advertise that your work will be there for others. Also, if your workshop requires more than spontaneous organisation then getting in touch is a must!

See the unconference page for more details.