Financial Assistance and Conference Dinner

Financial Assistance and Conference Dinner

At Melbourne::Compose we want everybody to feel equally valued: speakers and beginners, volunteers and attendees. We think everyone has a lot to offer, and that Melbourne::Compose has a lot to offer to everyone as well.

That’s why we’re announcing a financial assistance program with the goal of helping people attend Melbourne :: Compose who would otherwise be unable to or have great difficulty attending.

Also, because we would like for everyone to feel included in all our initiatives, we’re announcing a draw among our ticket-holders, so a number of lucky composers can attend our speakers’ dinner on 1 September.

Who will receive financial assistance?

If you have any involvement with functional programming at all, as a student, a curious amateur, an educator or a developer, and you feel you need financial help attending Melbourne::Compose, please enter your request using our handy financial assistance form.

We’ll close financial assistance requests by Friday 9 August, and will endeavor to answer during Monday 12 August.

Who will be invited to the Melbourne::Compose 2019 Conference Dinner?

We have 5 speakers, so we’ll invite at least 5 attendees (or more, at our discretion). We’ll perform a draw live on the @ComposeMelb twitter account at (or close to) 23h on Monday 12 August.

Any ticket holder who registered before the deadline will be eligible, whether their tickets were bought, exchanged for a voucher provided by their employer, or gifted by us via financial assistance.

About Melbourne::Compose 2019

Melbourne::Compose 2019 is a one-day conference on the practice and craft of functional programming. We’re welcoming of everybody: please check out our code of conduct for best enjoyment of our conference.