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Pi-Forall: How to use and implement a dependently-typed language

Dr. Stephanie Weirich Permalink


Robots on Haskell

Anthony Cowley Permalink


Type providers and error reflection in Idris

David Christiansen Permalink


Modules and Abstraction in Functional Programming

Chris Martens Permalink


The F# Approach to Relaxation

Don Syme Permalink


LVars: lattice-based data structures for deterministic parallel and distributed programming

Lindsey Kuper Permalink


Managing Bioinformatics Pipelines Within OCaml

Sebastien Mondet Permalink


Functional Programming at Bloomberg

Maxime Ransan Permalink


Proving things about Biology

Samin Ishtiaq Permalink


Elm-D3: Front-end Development Without Frameworks

Spiros Eliopoulos Permalink


Sound Synthesis in the Computational Crucible

Andrew Sorensen Permalink


Your first Haskell app

Andrew McCluskey Permalink


From JavaScript to PureScript

Rahul Trikha Permalink


React: JS vs ClojureScript

Pei Shi Yong Permalink


Type Class: The Ultimate Ad Hoc

George Wilson Permalink


BioShake: A Haskell EDSL for Bio-Informatics Pipelines

Justin Bedő Permalink


FP in Aviation

Tony Morris Permalink


Re-ops, a Functional Live-Infrastructure as Code

Ronen Narkis Permalink


The Why and How of ReasonML

Keira Hodgkison Permalink


Reactive Streams for REA feeders

Luke Stephenson Permalink


Domain-Specific Type Error Diagnosis in GHC

Jurriaan Hage Permalink


Grenade - Dependently Typed Neural Networks in Haskell

Huw Campbell Permalink