Call for Presentations 2018

Note: Presenters will be notified on Sunday the 22nd of July

(postponed from the 16th of July)

Compose :: Melbourne is a functional programming conference focused on developing the community and bringing functional programming to a wider audience. It is a 2-day event being held in Melbourne, Australia on the 27th and 28th of August 2018. The first day features a single track of presentations followed by a second day of workshops and an unconference. We are a sister-conference of the NY based Compose :: Conference.

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Important Dates

  • CFP Launch Party - Friday 11th May
  • CFP Opens - Friday 11th May
  • CFP Closes Sunday 1st July
  • CFP Closes Sunday 8th July
  • Notify Presenters - Sunday 15th July
  • Notify Presenters - Sunday 22nd July
  • Conference Day 1: Presentations - Monday, 27-Aug-2018
  • Conference Day 2: Unconference & workshops - Tuesday, 28-Aug-2018

Talk and Workshop Submission

Submit a Presentation Proposal or Workshop via this web form.

Or... contact us via email with your proposed presentation at

Submission Guidelines

Talk slots will be 30 minutes: 25 minute talk and 5 minutes for questions.

Provide sufficient detail in your submission to enable the reviewers to understand your proposal and clearly identify what an attendee will gain from attending your session. You should include the following information in the submission system:

  • Authors - The details of each of the presenters
  • Title - Title of the presentation (please keep it brief and specific)
  • Abstract - A 300-500 word description of your presentation, ideally including...
    • Description of the content
    • Goal
  • Keywords - List any keywords that will help the program committee and attendees categorise your presentation. Also indicate the functional programming languages that you will be targeting.

You are not required to have a paper accompanying your presentation.

Nothing upsets an audience more than a speaker that stands on stage blatantly promoting his or her company, product or achievements.

Please keep the content of your talk on-topic and do not use this speaking opportunity as a sales pitch.

Note: Accepted presenters will be given a free ticket.


We want Compose :: Melbourne to be all about the community. We're aiming to help foster the growth of functional programming in Melbourne and unite all interested parties to spark a unified presence and a feeling of camaraderie amongst FP and theory proponents in this wonderful city!


Functional programming and programming language theory professionals and enthusiasts. Newcomers, experts, anyone from other disciplines of fields who is interested in what FP is or how it could help them with their work, or simply make life more enjoyable!


Soliciting a diverse range of speakers is important to us - anything you can do to distribute information about this CFP and encourage submissions from under-represented groups would be greatly appreciated. We welcome *all* (new and established) contributions and encourage you to apply!

Day One

All topics for proposals for presentations are invited, but not limited to explore the following topics:

New Languages

The development of new and emerging Functional Languages, and the toolsets around them.

Libraries and Tools

Exploring the use and development of new and underrepresented tools and libraries.

Production Systems

2018 continues the trend of many previously under-deployed languages and systems break through into production. We're looking for war-stories, success-stories and sob-stories!


Theory is the cutting edge of new functional programming. Show the world what is rising over the horizon.

Art and Music

Exciting and innovative usage of functional programming language in the arts!

Day Two

The second day will be dedicated to workshops and unconferences.


If you wish to run a workshop on the second day of the conference, then please propose your workshop. Alternatively, if there is a workshop that would interest you as an attendee, then please also let us know.

Note: Workshop organisers will be given a free ticket.


Got something random you want to talk about? The unconference will run the second day. There will be a whiteboard with spaces where anyone can write their name down to speak. There's no need to bring anything but yourself and your ideas and speaking voice.


We are seeking sponsors to support us in putting on this conference. If you or your company would like to sponsor us, please get in contact via

You can find our prospectus here.