C◦mp◦se :: Conference

Friday, Jan. 30 – Sunday, Feb. 1, 2015

New York City

C◦mp◦se :: Unconference

Sunday, Feb. 1, 2015

Lead a tutorial or give a demo! email info@composeconference.org


Friday, Jan. 30 – Sunday, Feb. 1, 2015

The practice and craft of functional programming :: Conference

Compose is a new conference for typed functional programmers, focused specifically on Haskell, OCaml, F#, SML, and related technologies.

Typed functional programming has been taken up widely, by industry and hobbyists alike. For many of us it has renewed our belief that code should be beautiful, and that programming can be as enjoyable as it is practical. Compose is about bringing together functional programmers of all levels of skill and experience — from technical leads to novices, and from long-time hackers to students just getting started.

Our experiences have shown that the theoretical can be put into practice with great success, and that topics once considered “advanced” can be made understandable and spread widely. For example, type systems, often considered complex, can simplify our lives by teaching compilers to do some of our reasoning for us.

Compose is about learning together — sharing knowledge, insights, techniques, and sometimes just awesome things we made. The conference will be a three-day event, beginning with a Technical Keynote talk on Friday night, by Dr. Stephanie Weirich on the fundamentals of dependent type theory, made easy. The second day will be composed of invited and submitted talks, covering a range of topics and technologies of interest to functional programmers. Sunday will be organized as an unconference and collaborative code-in, with time to meet people, hack on projects, or attend both organized and impromptu workshops and tutorials. This is our first year and space is limited, so register soon!


Dr. Stephanie Weirich

Fundamentals of dependent type theory, and the pi-forall language.

Anthony Cowley

Robots on Haskell

Maxime Ransan

OCaml at Bloomberg

Don Syme

The F# Approach to Relaxation

Read more about all the speakers on the Speakers page.


Friday, Jan 30: Technical Keynote

Dr. Stephanie Weirich will be giving a talk on the fundamentals of dependent type theory, made easy.

Saturday, Jan 31: Conference

A series of invited and submitted talks; check the program for the order of talks.

Sunday, Feb 1: Unconference

On the final day, we will schedule time to meet people, hack on projects, or attend both organized and improptu workshops and tutorials.



Pivotal Labs

625 Avenue of the Americas (2nd Floor)
New York, NY 10011

Saturday & Sunday

Spotify USA Inc

45 W. 18th Street (7th Floor)
New York, NY 10011


Conference Only (Friday/Saturday, Jan 30-31, 2015)$30
(early registration ends Dec 26)
Unconference (Sunday, Feb 1, 2015)Free

Registration for the conference (Friday & Saturday) is now closed because we are at capacity for the venue. Thanks for all the interest! If you were on the waiting list or had contacted us, we're working on getting you tickets still, don't worry.

Unconference (Sunday) tickets are still available

Commercial Tutorials
These events require separate registration; information provided in the links below.

Duncan Coutts of Well-Typed will be teaching paid commercial Haskell Tutorials in the days bookending the conference, with an introductory course Jan 29-30th and an advanced course Feb 2-3rd.



Compose is organized by the organizers of the New York Haskell Users Group, namely Doug, Gershom, Kat, Rick, and Ryan. We welcome more people wanting to get involved as functional programming community organizers, and if you'd like to pitch in, please write us and let us know!

Photos on this website are from Steven Pisano's collection of New York Street Scenes 2014, and available under a Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 license.