Melbourne 2016 Speakers!

C◦mp◦se :: Melbourne is extremely pleased to announce the line-up of presenters for Day-One of the conference! We had a total of 31 excellent submissions after extending the CFP, and have selected 10 of these for our program.

The program is made-up of a technically diverse selection of presentations that should be accessible to a wide variety of skill-levels, as well as touching on many different interests, including new-languages, graphics, theory, industry, data-science, and type-driven-development. The first day of C◦mp◦se :: Melbourne will open with a keynote from Manuel Chakravarty on Graphics and Animations in Haskell.

The presentations are listed below but more details can be found on the Day-One program page!

M.M.T Chakravarty
Keynote - Playing with Graphics and Animations in Haskell
Sharon Holliday
Practical Programming in an Exception Free World
Paul Bone
Plasma Programming Language
Alistair Roche
Datomic in Production
Finlay Thompson
Using Cloud-Haskell to Build a Continuous-Integration Platform for Reproducible Research
Lee Naish
Equational Reasoning and Intended Semantics in Functional Programming
Ben Hutchison
Getting Work Done with the Eff Monad in Scala
George Wilson
The Extended Functor Family
Kris Jenkins
Types All The Way Down
Brian McKenna
Productionisation of Functional Optics
Sean Seefried
The Joy of Refactoring with Strong, Static Types
Magdalena Cassel & Aaron Edwards
Functional Eyes: Applying Functional Principles in Other Paradigms